Goblin – Teaser-Trailer

This is a proof-of-concept promotional teaser for Goblin, a feature length film we plan to make.  This teaser-trailer was made with limited budget in hopes to garner interest for the future production.  Expected production for this film is Summer / Fall of 2018.

Check for official updates on www.goblinthefilm.com.


Terry Tucker the Midnight Trucker Web Page

You can watch all the webisodes of Terry Tucker the Midnight Trucker at the show’s new web page, MidnighTrucker.com!

The web series follows the midnight rides of Terry Tucker and the fun, strange, and sometimes otherworldly hitchhikers he picks up.  Check it out!


 (2015) had some great film festival screenings in 2016 and now it’s available to watch on vimeo for free (above).

The film is part of a trilogy of shorts that began with Home Near Water (2013); the films are linked through their connection to animal magic. Oracle builds upon themes and ideas from Home Near Water by exploring the emotional disconnection in its main character, which leads to a spiritual, fantastical, and dream-like transformation.

Official Selection: Minneapolis St. Paul International, Miami Independent, Sydney World, Charlotte, Buffalo Niagara, Chennai International, Motor City Nightmares, Blackbird, Blow-up International Arthouse, Verona International, Lilliputian, Amarcord Arthouse, Great Lakes International, Square Lake, and Athens International Film Festivals

Awards: Cinematography certificate at Rochester International; Semi-finalist at Polish International and Miami Short Film Fests; Honorable mention at Yosemite International; Creative Vision Award nominee at Altered Esthetics Film Fest; Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects at Wild Rose Independent Film Festival

Press:  Filmmaker interview for the Altered Aesthetics Film Festival Blog

Short SynopsisHaunted by visions of a past tangled in dream, a young woman must reckon with questions of love, death, and animal magic.

Writer/Director/DP: Christopher Lange
Actors: Emaline Williams, Christopher Young
Assistant Director: Neha Belvalkar
Producer: Shay Willard
Art Director: Gavin Farnsworth


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Home Near Water festival screenings

Home Near Water
(2013), directed by Christopher Lange, had some excellent screenings during 2014-2015.  The film was officially selected and screened at the Chicago Underground Film Festival (longest running underground film festival in the world), Maryland Film Festival, Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, and MNTV on TPT (Twin Cities Public Television).  Highlights were taking a road trip and attending the Maryland film festival, the MNTV screening at the Walker Art Center, and receiving an award at the Chicago Underground Film Festival.

The film includes the acting talents of Joel Stigliano and Larissa Fedoryka, musical score from Aaron Butler, and makeup FX from Scott Sliger.…

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Hymie’s Vintage Records video makes City Pages

Our video for Hymie’s Vintage Records made the Minneapolis City Pages as a part of their article “Top 10 must-see Minnesota music videos this week.”  Check out the great write-up along with other great Minnesota music videos.  Read the article here and be sure to visit Hymie’s!

A video about a cool record store in Minneapolis.
HD / 6 mins…

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